FitBody Studio is a fitness + spa studio offering high quality care in massage, personal training and wellness treatments. Massage therapists specialize in neuromuscular massage, pain management and muscle release concerns. The studio offers one-on-one and virtual personal training to provide a unique coaching experience, leading to greater results. In addition, nutrition services are available to obtain desired weight management outcomes. The body care services provide natural and corrective treatment for younger and vibrant looking skin.

Melinda Welsh

Massage Therapist
Thai Massage Therapist

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Meche Haflich

Personal Trainer

Exercise Science Degree

Massage Therapist
Group Strength Coach

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We are located at the corner of Jackson St. and Nevada Ave.

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RayLynne Cockram

Personal Trainer

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Katie Bare

Massage Therapist

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Welcome to FitBody Studio!

Jorden S.

“I had the pleasure to have Meche as my trainer. I am amazed at both of the nutritional aspect and the training!”

Carolyn B.

“I recently had an Aromatherapy Massage and it was wonderful! It was exactly what I needed.”

Andrea W.

“This is our go to place for couple’s massages. Great price, location, clean and relaxing environment.”

Tommy L.

“They took the time to listen to what my issues were and worked out all my muscle with a professional touch.”


Your feedback is extremely important to us. Our business values your referrals and recommendations to reinforce our reputation for excellent services. Review us online and share your positive experience. Thank you—we look forward to see you again! 

Erika Arteaga-Stovall

Personal Trainer

Massage Therapist

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Holly Parker

Certified Functional Medicine Wellness Coach, Longevity Coach, Bio-Hacker, Fierce Optimist

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Your Team of

Fitness and Wellness Practitioners!


Massage Therapist 

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

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