Holly Parker, MFA, FMCHC

Holly is a certified functional medicine wellness coach, longevity coach, bio-hacker and fierce optimist. Wanting to optimize your current health in order to reverse aging, increase your lifespan, and get the most out of life? Needing to address or avoid chronic illness? Wishing you had energy, peace, confidence, and improved physical functioning? I help people like you gain ownership and control of your health and genetic destiny through personalized coaching and educational resources.

My personal success with facing a potentially ravaging autoimmune condition proves to me that our minds and bodies are amazingly resilient and responsive when provided with optimal food, lifestyle, and mindset conditions. The most current, evidence-based science also demonstrates that we can stimulate our cells and minds to renew and enhance our well-being. This understanding places the control and possibility of increased health-span and lifespan in the hands of the individual. This premise is the foundation of my coaching and educational business.