RayLynne Cockram

RayLynne is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified athletic trainer. After graduating from LSU with both certifications she worked with the University of Denver as the athletic trainer for the Women’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse teams. She then moved back to Louisiana where she made the transition to a full time personal trainer. Her clientele has ranged from teens to seniors both male and female. She enjoys working with her clients to achieve their goals and live healthy and full lives. RayLynne incorporates her athletic training knowledge by focusing on those individuals that are coming out of physical therapy or have been dealing with chronic pain. She enjoys helping clients fill the gap between therapy and every day fitness. She has worked alongside physical therapists to diagnose muscle imbalances and the root causes of chronic pain.

RayLynne has also worked with many weight loss clients as well as individuals dealing with eating disorders. Whether your weight loss goal is for a certain event or just overall health she is excited to help keep you accountable and walk the journey with you.

RayLynne works one on one with each of her clients to ensure every program is geared towards the clients’ specific goals. She enjoys utilizing many different types of equipment and exercises so that the body as well as the mind is always kept guessing and each workout is never the same. Her goal with each client is to see them living their life to the fullest. She believes that what she helps you obtain in the gym is only done to help facilitate what you do outside the gym.

RayLynne and her husband Kyle recently moved to the Colorado Springs area. They enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends and anything outdoors.