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Our spa and wellness services include therapeutic massage therapy, healing infrared sauna, cleansing salt therapy and many detoxifying body treatments.

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Leann N.

“I enjoy the atmosphere when I first walk in. It’s a very home feeling and inviting. I will be coming back!”

Josh S.

“Enjoyed a couples massage here with my wife. The atmosphere was great and the staff was very professional.”

Joshua F.

“Trainers are attentive and responsive to feedback — something I’ve never received from other trainers.”

Andrea W.

“This is our go to place for couple’s massages. Great price, location, clean and relaxing environment.”

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Your body is unique. Your massage should be unique, too.


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Treat your body with the healing power of infrared.


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Virtual, Online & In-House Training! Make your fitness dreams come true!


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 Reduce inflammation,  cleanse airways, and disinfect bacteria in the sinuses and lungs.


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Stephanie O.

“I go to Fitbody because of their infrared sauna. I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I am currently on my last treatment option, which is chemotherapy. My biggest worry is that chemo kills off white blood cells along with the cancer. I did some research and discovered that far infrared light stimulates the bones to produce white blood cells. I started doing the sauna 4-5 times per week about 3 weeks after starting chemo. At that time, my white blood count was already low. After a week, my white blood count was back in normal range, except for the monocytes. It took two more weeks but now even those are back to normal. This is unheard of while on chemo since most chemo patients WBC continues to drop over the course of their treatment. Other benefits of the infrared sauna that have been scientifically verified--reduces blood sugar levels and high blood pressure; reduces fine lines on the skin and improves elasticity by stimulating collagen production; reduces the appearance of scars; and the other reason I use infrared light, it alleviates pain and neuropathy. My cancer spread to my bones and I was in extreme pain at the time I was diagnosed with it. I was put on very high doses of morphine to control the pain. That was not acceptable. I weaned myself off of the pain killers by using a far infrared mat at home, but that would take hours. It is more convenient to go to Fitbody and get my whole body at once which saves me time and keeps the pain under control. I always feel better after the sauna.

The staff at Fitbody is the best and I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. They go above and beyond with the customer service and do it with a smile. I plan on doing other services at Fitbody once my oncologist clears me for exercise and massage therapy.