Do you have chronic breathing problems? Recovering from a sinus infection? Salt therapy is for you! Below are treatment recommendations for specific conditions. Choose the treatment that best suits your needs and schedule a session today. Your body will thank you!


Stay hydrated!

It’s important to drink H2O prior to your session to help you sweat and not dehydrate too quickly and again after your session to help remove toxins that are broken up, as well as to rehydrate tissue.

3-4 times per week / 2-4 weeks

Dry salt is very hygroscopic. It attracts humidity as much and as quickly as possible. When salt particles are inhaled and deposited in the bronchial tree and on mucus, the mucus is liquified. This facilitates the easy expectoration of mucus. Patients experience looser sputum which is much easier to remove by coughing. An advantage of this is that any blocking of the airways caused by mucus is removed. 

Hygroscopic properties

3-4 times per week / 2-4 weeks

Dry salts aerosol may lessen the destructive inflammatory processes in the airways. Clinical studies have found that the inhalation of dry salt aerosol results in decreased colonisation of pathogenic bacteria flora. Dry salt aerosol acts as a mucokinetic. Salt stimulates the bronchial self-cleaning mechanism and can therefore act as an expectorant. This slight stimulation removes more dirt and mucus faster. 


3-4 times per week / 2-4 weeks

Dry salt aerosols stimulate the removal of mucus and dirt from the airways. Inhalation of dry salt aerosol may improve both the humoral and cellular immunity of the epithel and therefore stimulates the local immune defense. 

Mucus removal

3-4 times per week / 2-4 weeks

With over 99% sodium chloride, the natural rock salt used for the Salt therapy application has the highest level of purity found in nature. Existing clinical studies and therapeutic trials both show that inhaling dry salt aerosol under controlled conditions in a standardized environment can be beneficial to patients suffering from certain respiratory tract disorders. 

How often?

                                         TIMES PER            HOW MANY   HOW MANY SESSIONS

                                              Week                      Weeks

Bronchial Asthma    4 times per week      5 weeks         1-2 sessions per year

COPD*                         4 times per week      5 weeks         2-4 sessions per year

Cystic fibrosis*           4 times per week      5 weeks         5-7 sessions per year

Seasonal Allergy     3-5 times per week     4 weeks        Ideally before beginning                                                                                                        of hay fever season

Cold                              3 times per week      2 weeks          With disappearing of                                                                                                             acute symptoms

Sinusitis                      3 times per week       2 weeks          With disappearing of                                                                                                             acute symptoms

Laryngitis                   3 times per week       2 weeks          With disappearing of                                                                                                             acute symptoms

*COPD and Cystic fibrosis: As these are chronic diseases, patients ideally should treat themselves constantly