Microdermabrasion (60 minutes) $68 ($98 with a custom facial, saves $35.00)
​This is a must for people that want to keep their skin looking young and healthy. We use a Diamond Microdermabrasion machine. The exfoliation is done with a Diamond tip and does not require small crystals that may cause discomfort or create a mess. The secret to keeping your skin healthy is to slough off dead skin cells to reveal your new and healthier skin.

Express Microdermabrasion(30 minutes) $35 This service is a time and money saver! When your life is just too busy but you really need the exfoliation between appointments. This service includes one pass with the Diamond Tip and a custom moisturizer.

Dermaplane(45 minutes; 65 minutes with facial) $75 or $115 with facial (saves $25)This ​is a safe, non-invasive treatment which uses a special tool at a forty-five degree angle and stroked along the skin, while holding the skin taut to remove “peach fuzz”, as well as dead skin cells. Dermaplane is performed as a stand alone treatment or prior to other skincare treatments to enhance their effectiveness .This is a wonderful form of exfoliation that can be used with or without chemicals and the benefits include smoother skin, removal of facial hair that traps oils and dirt, reduces recent acne scars and fine lines with immediate results, no downtime.



Complimentary Skin Analysis(up to 30 minutes) The health of your skin is important to both of us! We would love to meet you and discuss your skincare concerns or questions. We will analyze your skin, give recommendations and let you know the services or treatments that may benefit your skin type or condition. This service is free of charge with no obligation to book an appointment. 

​Simple Pleasures/Clarifying Facial
(30 minutes) $40  This is a perfect treatment for keeping your skin cleansed and refreshed between appointments. The facial starts with a deep cleanse to wash away debris and oils from your skin. This is followed by a skin analysis to insure proper product selection. We exfoliate to encourage deeper product penetration, and complete extractions with high frequency to kill bacteria. Lay back and enjoy the pampering while we find your younger and healthier complexion.

Custom Facial(60 minutes) $65 This skin treatment will pamper and sooth your skin. We cleanse and exfoliate to ensure optimal product penetration. You can leave your stress at the door and enjoy a facial massage that stimulates collagen, oxygenate the skin and tighten facial muscles. It does not stop there! We will rejuvenate your skin with a signature masque that restores that healthy glow. The finishing touch will be a moisturizer that hydrates your skin flawlessly.

Clarifying Facial(75 minutes) $80  This treatment is for clogged and irritated skin. Mild acne or breakouts can strike at any age so using the proper products and treatments will ensure the healthiest skin possible. This session will include skin analysis, deep cleansing and exfoliation using the best products and techniques for your skin condition. Galvanic current will be used to ensure your customized product selection will penetrate the dermis. Also, all extractions will be followed by High frequency which kills bacteria, prevents spreading, and starts the healing process. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and on its way to your best complexion yet!

Express Clarifying Facial (30 minutes) $40 This treatment is designed for the person on the go. It includes a  This appointment saves time and starts healing breakouts so you can go on with your life blemish free! ​​

Back Facial(60 minutes) $65  We've got your back! This is the hardest part of your body to reach, so it tends to be the most neglected. We will deep cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a detoxifying masque. If extractions are necessary they will be followed by high frequency to heal and kill bacteria. This service will end with a relaxing massage and a moisturizer to reveal a buffed and polished look that shows off your beautiful skin.   


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