Yo-yo dieting is the result of deprivation, imbalances in blood sugar, poor digestion and inflammation in the body. Improved health balances the systems, then permanent weight loss can be achieved.

​There are many diets programs on the market today but when it comes to health and weight loss, "one size does NOT fit all!" Have you ever done a diet with a friend or a spouse, they lose weight and you do not? There is nothing wrong with you! The fact is no ONE diet works for every person. We are bioindividual. We all have different health concerns, nutrition needs and deficiencies to take into consideration.

Your process begins with a detailed Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) and a personalized health form to determine the best program and foods to help you achieve your desired goals. The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire is a valuable tool. It evaluates the whole body and how the systems are functioning based on current symptoms and the burden on the whole body. This information is then used to create a program to improve health at the foundation instead of just treating a symptom.

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Complimentary Consult
30min session and Initial Interview
​Start-Up Nutrition Plan -
• Personal Goal Setting & Critical Recommendations
• Comprehensive NAQ with 4-6 page results of symptoms and the burden on the body
• Nutritional Recommendations (foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements)​​
• Kitchen Intervention/Education
• Customized Meal Plan

First Meal Plan & Health History - $100​​

​​Monthly Nutrition Consults & Menu Plans (Progressive Sessions) - $55
• Meal Plan Modification
• New Recipes & Food Substitutions
• Accountability & Education
• Consults Live/Phone​​​

Additional Testing
Food Sensitivity Blood Panel​​​ - $250

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