Lacey Berig

I am a licensed esthetician and Associated Skin Care Professional with certifications in microdermabrasion and chemical peels from The Salon Professional Academy in Colorado Springs.

I have a passion for people and learning and have been continuously studying skin care for just over a year. The more I learn the more I love it. Education is a very high priority in the field of esthetics, and my intention is to share that with my clients. I hope to teach people your skin is more than just your outward appearance; it is your body’s first line of defense against anything and the largest organ in your body! Through the services I offer I hope to strengthen skin, health, and confidence. 

I use Sanitas skincare products in the treatment room because ingredients are important to skin health. Sanitas is a Colorado company dedicated to quality, results, and supporting local community.

I am also a makeup artist and believe that makeup is a way to help you feel empowered to put your best foot forward for any occasion. 

I will continue to learn and to share that knowledge with people who seek it!

My passion is people, and esthetics is a wonderful way to serve and help people understand their own value and share that with others. It’s an impact I can help make on the world.