Daniel Corbett

Daniel is a nationally certified personal trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), is certified as a Gold’s Fit Coach (Group Interval Training), and has multiple black belts in martial arts (Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Shotokan Karate).

Daniel has trained a variety of clients with great success since becoming a trainer, helping some of his clients lose up to 70 pounds of fat in six months, preparing clients for bodybuilding competitions, or enabling his clients to move freely via mobility and flexibility training. Daniel focuses on teaching his clients how to exercise with proper form, how to eat well (while developing a healthy relationship with food), and coaches them through how to make lifestyle changes that will help guarantee a healthy rest of their life.

In 2014, Daniel hired a personal trainer to teach him how to gain muscle mass and lose body fat. His progression was quick, losing two percent body fat in six weeks while gaining five pounds of muscle, which sparked a passion for fitness and wellness in him that would develop more and more over the coming years. From 2015-2018 Daniel placed in multiple men’s physique competitions through the IFBB (international federation of bodybuilding). He is currently studying to be a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. Above all else, Daniel is a devout Christian that strives to follow Matthew 22:37-39.