Caroline Van Horn

Caroline is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner. She focuses on functional, whole body health by utilizing noninvasive testing and analysis to determine where imbalances are in the body as well as what will help restore balance and bring coherence. She specializes in digestion since the root of most concerns and symptoms originate here. Caroline also recognizes the importance of emotional wellbeing in her practice and has tools to help bring balance and peace after trauma.

Caroline started her career in the neurosciences working with communication disorders, and developmental delays. It was there she recognized the power and value of nutrition on a multitude of levels and became passionate about how food affects the body. After experiencing her own health issues, from high amounts of stress and toxic overload, Caroline discovered natural methods of healing and rebalancing herself through food and quality supplementation under a holistic practitioner. She then went back to school to become a practitioner herself to help heal others who have lost their hope in finding a way back to optimal health.

Her intention and goal is for the highest service and good of others so that they can fulfill their highest purpose!

For fun Caroline enjoys the outdoors, hiking and traveling with her husband Chris and her black lab Betty, yoga, fitness, reading and always learning more about the mind, body and spirit!